04 June, 2010

guys.... where are we?

So I decided it was high time I began a collection of writing fit to be seen by the greater public (by which I mean people who don't necessarily want or need to hook in to the blather and verbal vomit on my livejournal) and seeing how I've been meaning to start writing more regular reviews of the books I read, this blog is here to serve both of those ends.

Here I'll be reviewing books-- mostly, though there will undoubtedly be some movies and/or TV creeping in as well, since sometimes I just get taken away by something and need to write about it. I read fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, Stephen King, memoirs, historical fiction and nonfiction-- I read a lot of random stuff, whatever strikes my fancy, basically, and so if something moves me to write, you'll read it here.

If you stop by and read, drop me a comment and tell me what you thought of the book, or of my review. I appreciate all opinions. And thanks so much for stopping by!
♥ emily