24 January, 2013

and we're back!

Well well well, what have we here?

Hello constant readers-- I'm back. It's been awhile-- almost exactly a year, in fact-- but since we didn't all die last month, I figured I had no excuse not to dust off my reviewing gloves and get back in the ring. (For the record, the reviewing gloves are less like boxing gloves than you might think, mostly due to being fingerless and made of stretchy cotton.)

I've got a few doozies to review for you after I get back from my trip to San Diego in February, and a prodigious to-read pile I hope you'll be as excited to hear about as I am to read. Either way-- thanks for being here. And if there's anything you think I ought to be reading, let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list.

Cheers, and see you soon!
<3 emily="">