21 November, 2011

on spoilers

I want to just take a second to talk about spoilers. I'd started out promising myself I wouldn't give any, because to me there's nothing worse than reading a review and ending up feeling like I don't even need to read the book anymore because the review told me everything that was going to happen. And while I'm still not going to do that, I've reassessed and I think it'll be better to say that I will do my best to keep spoilers to a minimum. Any big reveals or surprises will go unspoken, but smaller plot points might, and probably will, come out in my writing. I'll try to be judicious. And in return I will ask that when I post lists of books I'm going to be reading, that you not spoil me for them if you happen to have read them already. I like to be surprised as much as the next girl. :)

Thanks, and happy reading!

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