21 November, 2011

updated schedule

Well, I blew through Boneshaker in the reading equivalent of fifteen minutes, so I'm adding a book to the list of things I'd like to finish before the end of the year.
  • Green by Jay Lake   11/16

  • Boneshaker by Cherie Priest   11/21

  • Embassytown by China Mieville - 12/1

  • The Company Man by Robert Jackson Bennet - 12/7

  • The Stranger by Max Frei - 12/19

  • Goliath by Scott Westerfeld - 12/31
Also, I couldn't wait, I had to start Embassytown now. I'm 60 pages in and loving it so hard. (I'm kind of a Miéville fangirl... sorry in advance to anyone who doesn't like him.) So that's next. I'm putting 12/1 on the date not because I anticipate taking a long time to read it, but because I work in retail, and it's the week of Thanksgiving. :/

As for what's to come in 2012, the short answer is I have no idea yet. I have a stack half a mile tall of books I haven't read, courtesy of Borders closing sales [ :( forever] and pillaging my friend Steph's collection before she moved. I also have about fifty books on my Nook that I haven't read yet. However, I love recommendations, so please let me know if you've read something recently that you loved, no matter the genre. I will say I probably won't be reviewing any bestsellers (because there are tons of people already doing that very well) and I would love any good mystery recommendations, especially period mysteries. Love those.

Okay, time for me to go to work, and to count the hours til I can sit down and read more Embassytown. Cheers!

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