01 December, 2011

'Boneshaker' news

Hey all,

While you're waiting for my next review, dig this : FemPop tells us that 'Boneshaker' has been optioned for a movie! It's going to be written by John Hilary Shepherd, a staff writer for the show "Nurse Jackie", who is (as FemPop points out) a pretty badass mom herself, just like Briar. Pretty exciting stuff. There aren't enough good steampunk movies out there, and I am already wincing in anticipation of what the rotters will look like onscreen.

I'm about a third of the way into The Company Man by Robert Jackson Bennett and liking it a lot so far. But then, I do love noir almost without exception, so it's definitely not a struggle for me to get behind. I also forgot to bring it to work one day, so I started and subsequently blew through Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, which had been sitting on my Nook for awhile. The review for that will be up by Saturday.

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